Insieme alle donne della Women’s March
Sabato 2 ottobre a Piazza Barberini 10-12pm

venerdì 1 Ottobre 2021

Insieme alle donne della <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Women’s March</a><br></strong><strong>Sabato 2 ottobre a Piazza Barberini 10-12pm</strong>

DEFEND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTSIn the state of Texas, one of the largest states in the US, abortion has been so radically restricted that is almost impossible to exercise your right to choose, even in the case of incest or rape. The GOP is waging a war against women, and Texas is the first state where our rights to bodily autonomy have been stolen. When the right to choose disappears in the United States, women’s rights ACROSS THE WORLD are at risk. Join Women’s March Rome in standing up for BODILY AUTONOMY, DIGNITY, and THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. We must show up en masse to show those in power that WOMEN WILL NOT BE COWED. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT!