The International House of women is all of us

Against all risk of eviction



For an International House of women


that is free, open and self-supporting place for all womens



The International House of women is all of us

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Casa internazionale delle donne
Monte Paschi di Siena
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The International House of Women (CID), a crucial venue in the City of Rome and a resource for all women, today is at risk of being evicted by Comune di Roma (the Municipality of Rome, owner of the building complex).  For more than thirty years, this unique place in Europe has been a vibrant meeting point for Italian and foreign women and for international feminism. The CID is held in high esteem and cherished nationally and internationally for the social and cultural services that it delivers, as well as for its ability to promote and foster the empowerment of women. The CID’s self- management efforts have maintained this public asset in impeccable conditions.
More than 30,000 people visit the CID and enjoy its activities annually.
All this work stems from the commitment, unpaid work and daily engagement of hundreds of women and dozens of associations.
The International House of Women is very grateful for the solidarity and support received by so many women and men, associations and institutions. This support confirms the high regard in which the CID  is held not only in the city of Rome but throughout the country and beyond.