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The International Women’s House in Rome is located in the former complex called “Good Shepherd”. It was designed in 1983 for social purposes, particularly in regards to women’s citizenship. Moreover, granted, in part, to the Centro Femminista Separatista (CFS), it consists of ten associations and groups from the feminist movement, which in return, left the International Women’s House situated on Via del Governo Vecchio.

Casa Internazionale delle Donne 
Palazzo del Buon Pastore
Via della Lungara, 19 • 00165 Roma


Maura Cossutta
e-mail: presidente@casainternazionaledelledonne.org


Francesca Cavallo
Phone 06.68401720 Fax 06.68401726
e-mail: segreteria@casainternazionaledelledonne.org


Carmen Di Vito
Phone 06.68401721 Fax 06.68401726
e-mail: eventi@casainternazionaledelledonne.org